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Interim Management Solution
Within specific periods companies face a problem: its own managers do not have the experience, skills or know-how needed to manage specific situations – be it strategic changes, start of a big project, overcoming a financial crisis, change of owners, etc. There is always a shortage of a particular type of hands-on manager: the sort of person who can walk into a situation, rapidly identify what needs to be done, put together a plan and implement it within a given timescale and budget. An efficient solution in this kind of situation is hiring an interim manager – a consultant with managerial experience, defined tasks and a time frame for their fulfillment. We are able to offer the employment of highly qualified, very experienced free-lance interim managers, who shall deal with introduction of prompt and effective changes within the company. This is not a routine assignment due to a fact that local and regional labor market is not fully developed and aware of interim management solution.

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