Top managers

Active search is a sophisticated process based on a goal agreed by client and consultant – to find and suggest to the client a competent and motivated candidate for a key position in top and senior-level management and highly specialized positions. An understanding of a company's strategic orientation and culture and a definition of its corporate goals are the most important. The search strategy defines the target industries, companies and individuals. The search strategy is the key element behind the successful completion of an assignment.

Within Executive Search we offer cross-border assignments. International network is capable of serving clients on a global basis in placing the right candidates - including expatriates.

Research is the professional implementation of the search strategy. The market is systematically screened in an industry-oriented search. Target companies and individuals are identified and documented. Additional information about the market is also prepared for our clients. After this research phase, we draw up a long list of potential candidates, which is then presented to our client. Approaching candidates takes place through BI methods, identification of sources and database interrogation. Every assignment is characterized by fresh start.

Assessment of candidates is a composite of in-depth motivational and competence interviews, assessment exercises and thorough psychological testing. Reference checking widens our understanding of candidates' skills and experience through the opinions of those who have worked with them. Background checks seek to ensure the accuracy of more objective data such as employment chronology, education & professional credentials and civil/criminal history.

Contract negotiations. As part of our service we help to draw up the contract and compensation package taking into account the current market situation and competitiveness while upholding the interests of both the client and candidate. Fixed fee approach allows consultants to advise both sides in the negotiations without conflict of interest.

Coaching. Once the successful candidate is in place our consultants are available for several months as external coaches to ensure the newcomer's successful integration into the company so that company and candidate can both achieve their goals. We follow up with candidate and client at regular intervals to check on performance and fit.

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