Within specific periods companies face a problem: its own managers do not have the experience, skills or know-how needed to manage specific situations – be it strategic changes, start of a big project, overcoming a financial crisis, change of owners, etc.

One of the great errors in fast and changing business environment is assumption that corporate culture in organization is homogenous and resilient. Understanding and managing change and adapting culture has become a powerful way to hold company together and on course. Change in corporate environment is discontinuous and often forced on the organization or mandated by the top management in the wake of mayor technology innovation or market shifting.

Establishing the magnitude and the strength of human capital in a company is an essential aspect in take over, merger, diminishing or restructuring of a company. When manager and/or the owner wish to clearly establish the perspectives of their key executive or a team under new circumstances, ADC is a right tool.

Integration of an acquired company with the parent company is a delicate and a complex process. For the success of that process, traditionally no one is actually responsible: for charting how the two companies will combine their operations, for seeing to it that the integration project meets its deadlines and for educating the new people about the parent company and vice versa.

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